About us

Welcome, visitors CSGOBATTLE.NET.


This set of mini-games, where anyone can make things CS: GO

The principle of the game:

  • The minimum bet 5.00 $
  • The amount of your maximum bid is not limited
  • The maximum number of skins to make 15 for one player
  • The game lasts for 3 minutes
Good to know:

For the development of the website, advertising and competitions held by the commission in the amount of 10% of the total amount of each game. All exchanges are accepted and sent to the automated mode. If you play online, you accept all the rules of the site. Before the game, make sure to open your inventory. You have the guarantee of getting your things for half an hour after the end of the game. After this time, we are not responsible for any lost items. If you canceled the exchange or sent a counter-proposal after the victory, then your stuff will not be returned to you as the boat is not designed to re-send items. If you bet within 30 seconds before the end of the match, then there is a possibility that your items will fall into the next game. We do not take responsibility for it: steam is not always handles exchanges immediately.

  • Q:I did not come all items after my phenomenal victory. .

    A:We retained a commission of 10%.

  • Q:Why am I not receiving my win

    A:Newcomers to the site have to win twice in order to get their winnings. This only applies if you have never played before

  • Q:My item is to deduct what to do?

    A:All items come counted. If an item does not appear, do not worry. We just were not able to download from the Steam information and picture. But the price of things is always loaded and Steam thing participates on an equal footing in the games.

  • Q:I have made, and items got another game

    A:This happens often when the bot comes many trades we try to process them as quickly as possible, but sometimes do not have time to do it before the end of the game. Do not worry, your things will fall into the next game after a couple of seconds!

  • Q:You do not break?

    A:We do not get the data from your account. Authorization passes through the server Steam.