• 1.1. By signing up for the project CSGOBATTLE.NET, you agree to these rules in full. Prohibited the registration and use of service to persons who do not agree to follow these rules.

  • 1.2. Administration of the project shall not be liable for any damage caused to you as a result of using this service.

  • 1.3. Anyone cheating the system, hacking attempts, the use of incorrect data during the registration will be severely punished by the administration CSGOBATTLE.NET, until the removal of all accounts involved in the above activities.

  • 1.4. Any appeal to the Administration or authorized CSGOBATTLE.NET arbitrators have obscene content or carrying offensive character will be ignored. In the case of a repetition of the incident - BAN and account deletion.

  • 1.5. The administration has the right to change these rules, notifying the user in the news and on the official forums.

  • 1.6. Since it is impossible to describe all the specific rules of the field work in the project, any recommendations or requirements of the Administration of the project (including authorized arbitrator) should be seen as a complement to the existing rules.

  • 1.7. By submitting game items CS GO to your account, you make free exchange.

  • 2.1. When you register to specify the correct information and also have outdoor equipment

  • 2.2. If you find faults or errors in the script from the site users are required to first make sure that the Administration is not aware of the fault. To do this, check the "News" section. If news from the description of the problem not, report the fault contact technical support.

  • 2.3. Not to conduct the attempts of breaking of site and not to use errors in scripts. Violators will be immediately banned.

  • 2.4. It is strictly forbidden to post links containing viruses and phishing sites / resources links that violate the laws of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

  • 2.5. In case the winner of the completed inventory items are administration.

  • 2.6. Newcomers to the site have to win twice in order to get their winnings. This only applies if you have never played before.

  • 2.7. Take your winnings within 30 minutes, otherwise it will be forfeited. The exceptions are cases where things did not reach you because of any error on our part.

  • 2.8. To get the prize, the winner of the inventory is to be opened. Otherwise, things will not be returned.

  • 2.9. If you specify an incorrect reference to the exchange (trade offer) vovzrascheny things will not.

  • 2.10. If you canceled the exchange or sent a counter-proposal after the victory, then your stuff will not be returned to you as the boat is not designed to re-send items.

  • 2.11. If there is a ban on the sharing of your profile are things the administration.

  • 3.1. All users are required to fully and unquestioningly follow the rules CSGOBATTLE.NET disagreement or persistent challenges to the rules entails BAN.

  • 3.2. Cheating the system attempts to hack, penetration into other people's accounts.

  • 3.3. Blackmail users, and attempt fraud.

  • 3.4. Appeal to the Administration or authorized arbitrators have obscene content or carrying offensive.

  • 3.5. Aiding, abetting with regard to the above points of the Regulations.